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Planet X and the Pole Shift

A look at the Science behind Planet X


     What is this all about?

     Where do these ideas come from?

     May 2003 Update.

     Others pushing Planet X

     Mark Hazlewood, his 15 minutes of fame are over.

     James McCanney - Planet X or comet? 

     YOWUSA.Com - Planet X, fact or novel?

     About What?

     What is Planet X  (Nibiru?)

     Nemesis - The Sun's dark twin.

     It causes a pole shift? A what?

     The Excuses.

     The Great Conspiracy.

     Science as a Theory

     The "evidence" and the truth behind the claims.

     IRAS (1983 Washington Post Article)  What's the story there?

     What did IRAS Find?

     Aren't the outer planets being "perturbed"?

     What about Comets being "perturbed"?

     Could KX76 be Planet X?

     Key evidence, from a children's encyclopedia!

     More evidence, Russia admits problem!

     Viewing Planet X.

     Why can't we see it?

     What about the sightings of Planet X?

     What about the Pictures of Planet X?


     Earth Changes.

     What about the Sun acting up?

       What about the increase in earthquakes?

       What about the increase in volcanoes?

     Is there evidence that proves we have not had a poleshift?

     The math, will it zoom by never to be seen again?

     The physics of a pole shift, would anything be left?

     What would happen if the Earth stopped spinning?

     What would happen if the rotation axis of the Earth changed?

       Newspaper and Web Articles on Planet X

     Palm Beach Post  Oct. 27, 2002

     Boston Globe Nov. 5, 2002

     Idaho News 2  June 12, 2003.

     NASA comments on the Planet X hype.

     The many sites denouncing Planet X in 2003

     Phil Plait's

     Richard Hoagland on Planet X in 2003.

     Jason Martel of X-facts denounces Planet X in 2003.

     Cyberspace Orbit on Planet X in 2003.

     I M Openminded's on Zetatalk and Planet X

     Nancy Lieder's "Planet X" Image Hoax  by SarahMC on Planet X in 2003. on Nibiru.

     Skeptical Mind.

     ECTV The good, the bad and the ugly (Planet X)

     Planet X: the facts, the myths.

     The Scientists and Planet X

     Author of book Pole Shift, John White torpedoes idea.

     Einstein proved Newton wrong, didn't he?

     Didn't Einstein support Velikovsky's theories?

     Robert Harrington and Planet X.

     Tom Van Flandern on Sitchins interpretations.

     Tom Van Flandern on the 3600 year orbit.

     Tom Van Flandern chat transcript

     Silly Science

     Silly Science - Aurora

     Silly Science - Zany Zeta Science