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James McCanney

One of the last to jump on the Planet X bandwagon was James McCanney with his book Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes. Apparently Mr. McCanney saw the excitement over Planet X and modified his 20 year old theory that comets grow into planets to be Planet X friendly.

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                              James McCanney

Mr. McCanney often calls himself "Professor McCanney" although his own biography only shows that he was an introductory lecturer at Cornell University for 2 years in 1979-80. No where does Mr. McCanney show that he earned the title Professor. He's apparently been working as a Certified Licensed massage therapist! He does not seem to have worked in a scientific or academic capacity since Cornell more than 20 years ago.

McCanney has found the formula for success: rant about evil governments and the evil NASA, give few details on Planet X and claim everyone who doesn't agree with you is a government disinformation agent. This simple formula has worked as people seem to enjoy his silly conspiracy rants so much they don't seem to realize that he gives very little information on Planet X.

His Planet X isn't even a planet, it's a comet! It is nothing like Sitchin's Nibiru although many Sitchin Nibiru supporters haven't noticed this.

Mr. McCanney has spent a large amount of time claiming that Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk are actually NASA sponsored disinformation! This has taken advantage of the failures of ZetaTalk and some have jumped from the wacky Zeta Planet X to Mr. McCanney's inbound comet.

A good example of Mr. McCanney's dishonest conspiracy rants is found in an article on McCanney in the UFO magazine MUFON. Among the many false statements in the article Mr. McCanney claims that astronomer Dr. Eugene Shoemaker died before he could tell the world that comet Hale Bopp was on "a course that would bring it close enough to Earth to wreak total devastation". This is obviously a lie since Dr. Shoemaker died on July 18, 1997 several months
after the passage of comet Hale Bopp. Like most of what Mr. McCanney has to say the facts don't seem important as long as the conspiracy theory he tells sounds sinister and gains him an audience.

Mr. McCanney has cranked up the sales machine more any of the others promoting Planet X. Along with  his book he also sells a survival pamphlet and numerous videos and has given pay seminars at several UFO conventions.


Book   "Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes" (see description below)   $17.95

Pamphlet - "Surviving Planet-X Passage" (see description below)
9 or fewer copies $5.50 each (includes first class mail)

Book and Pamphlet - "Planet-X Comets and Earth Changes" plus
"Surviving Planet-X Passage"  $19.95


Video    2003 UFO Congress Lead Off Speaker Lecture - Planet X (70 minutes)  $29.95

Video    2002 Summer Global Wings Conference Lecture  $19.95

Video    4 Hour 2-Video Set Global Wings Planet X Workshop   $39.95

Video    "Plasma Discharge Comet Model" - Theory Lecture Video  $19.95

Video    "Astronomy for the 90's" (analysis of astronomical theories)     $19.95

He also took what he called "The Harrington Expedition" in March 2003 to South America. He claimed that this was an expedition to complete the work of the late Dr. Robert Harrington, however from his reports it sounded like a South American vacation exploring Mayan ruins. He solicited donations for his trip and was less than honest about Harrington's work. He claimed
that Robert Harrington died before he could make a final trip to New Zealand to image Planet X. In reality Dr. Harrington didn't make trips to New Zealand, he simply had the United States Naval Observatory in Black Birch, New Zealand image sections of the sky.

From    (including the misspelled word)
 "Harrington Expedition Donation (not tax deductable)  $5.50

Mr. McCanney seems to operate under the principle that a fool and his money will soon be separated and he has many avenues to collect those funds while ranting about evil conspiracies and comet/planets.