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What is Planet X  (Nibiru?)

Does Planet X exist? Yes, as an idea only. Planet X has always
been the name for the unknown planet. Neptune was Planet X
for a time. Pluto was Planet X for many years. After Pluto was
discovered, the search continued. Planet X was a hot topic in the
70's and 80's. This is the real Planet X, just a name given to an
idea, such as the missing link or the unknown soldier.

See the below link for the history of Planet X.

Hypothetical Planets

The Planet X this site is about is a fantasy Planet X, also called
the 12th planet or Nibiru. This was first proposed in the book
The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin. He studied the ancient
Sumerians and based on their writings and seals felt they had
advanced knowledge about the solar system. Taking the stories
of their gods and other myths as actual fact, he determined that
they were in contact with an alien race living on a 12th planet in
our solar system that comes into the inner solar system every
3600 years. Yes, there are only 9 planets, but to make the
Akkadian Seal seem like advanced knowledge of our solar
system, the sun and  moon were also called planets.

See: Tom Van Flandern on Sitchin's interpretations

Note: Zecharia Sitchin DOES NOT support the idea of his
Nibiru  returning in 2003.

Zetatalk took the Sitchins information and added a lot of silly
things, including a May 2003 date for the return of Planet X or
the 12th planet. It is sometimes referred to as a comet. It is
supposed to be an inhabited  brown dwarf star, covered with
oceans! We are told it is in orbit between our Sun and the
Sun's dead twin sun. This orbit brings it through our solar
system every 3600 years. Hard to believe? Read the
descriptions yourself!

Zetatalk Planet X Viewing

I have seen several believers in Planet X say they asked an
astronomer if he knew about Planet X. The answer is always
yes, and the astronomer abruptly leaves. An admission by an
astronomer who was obviously frightened to talk about it and
ran! Actually anyone with a basic knowledge of astronomy has
heard of Planet X and the  astronomer was probably thinking
"Oh, no, not another one of those Planet X people".